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UNESCO Green Citizens is an engagement campaign highlighting the work that local people, especially women and young people, are doing to address environmental challenges. These projects act as fountains of inspiration for mitigating climate change and improving the health of ecosystems and having a lasting impact on societies around the world.

Innovative and proactive responses to climate change are at the heart of what UNESCO Green Citizens represents. The website acts as an educational platform connecting citizens and communities who are shaping the future of environmental action, in the themes of Biodiversity, Education for Sustainable Development, Hydrology, Ocean Preservation and Local and Indigenous Knowledge.

All around the world, small and medium sized projects are drawing on the determination and conviction of local heroes, fighting on the ground to create a future in which the planet is of upmost importance. Through re-cycling, re-inventing or re-discovering ancient techniques, these projects are a reminder that each of us, at our own level and in our own way, can make positive changes in our communities, or support communities remotely.

After decades of being at the forefront of scientific research on sustainable development, natural and cultural heritage, and inclusive biodiversity conservation, UNESCO Green Citizens was founded as a way to bring to light the solutions that people have been making on the ground. People around the world can browse projects highlighted on the website, discover how they work and impart their own expertise. By raising awareness about the positive impacts of citizen-led initiatives, UNESCO Green Citizens aims to facilitate support for and engagement with them.

Biomima backs UNESCO Green Citizens projects as driving forces to accelerating the sustainable development goals, demonstrating the potential of local-led change. As every decision we make has a lasting impact, every day can be a good starting point to get involved with one of these projects.

Support UNESCO Green Citizens Projects.

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